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Machinery Moving Services

The Antelope Valley Machinery Movers have the skills and the expertise to manage all industrial equipment moves that a client may require. Through the use of only the best moving equipment we can relocate single pieces of equipment or entire turn-key fleets carefully and in a timely manner.

Our movers are dedicated to ensuring that your relocation or move, whether of a single industrial machine or a turn-key fleet, is done efficiently. We can take apart, move and reassemble all of your equipment quickly, and always at the most affordable rates in Southern California. Using our quality, heavy-duty machinery, backed by our trained experts, we can strive to complete your relocation rapidly and easily at a great rate.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

Antelope Valley Machinery Movers are known as some of the most careful riggers in Southern California, so our clients know they can trust us with their delicate and sensitive medical laboratory equipment moves for over twenty years.

Not just any machinery mover in Southern California can say that they have been entrusted with medical and laboratory equipment for moving for over twenty years now.  Our clients in this industry understand that we treat all heavy equipment with dedicated attention and strive to ensure that your move is as sensitive as your equipment is! This certainly sets us apart from other moving companies you might work with.

Long Haul Transportation

Let our staff help you to move and package your industrial equipment for both local and international moves with ease. Our Antelope Valley movers are prepared to offer clients with project planning of even the closest moves, whether you are going from one side of the valley to another or across international borders.

The professionals of Antelope Valley Machinery Movers are pleased to assist clients with all of their long haul machinery needs, whether it is a single industrial machine or a turn-key fleet. Our staff members concentrate on helping create a move that is timely, whether you are relocating across the city or are crossing international borders we can help!

Machine Assembly/Disassembly

The Antelope Valley Machinery Movers strive to assist our clients with other services too, like machine assembly and disassembly so that there is no need to hire an outside contractor with an erection team.

For clients that require help with more than just relocating their heavy equipment we can provide assembly and disassembly help as a part of our moving services. We have proficient team members that can undo your machinery at your old facility, transfer them and rebuild in your new location.

Custom Crating and Packaging

Our riggers are dedicated to ensuring that your equipment is transported intact and safely throughout the length of your relocation. That’s why we provide other services for thorough crating and packaging of equipment or machines so that they are not harmed or broken in the move.

The Antelope Valley Machinery Movers also provide custom crating and packaging of machinery and goods to our clients. We seek to ensure that your equipment is always well-protected prior to a move, so making your equipment shock and water resistant are two unique defensive measures to take while moving. Our staff can protect and package all types of equipment, one more way that we are different than any other moving company.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

Relocating your turn-key facility is no problem for the professionals at Antelope Valley Machinery Movers, as we work hard to ensure that transportation standards are maintained in every project from start to finish.

The Antelope Valley Machinery Movers have a trained eye for creating systems for the management and delegation of whole process plant relocations. Since our start in 1990 we have become proficient in the removal and installation of small machinery, so removing and re-installing a turn-key facility can be done in a timely and safe manner at all times.

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